The Capital Cultural Fund in Berlin

In 1999, Berlin and Germany’s Federal Government agreed to establish a Capital Cultural Fund in Berlin according to the terms of the Capital Cultural Pact in order to support individual projects and events with special significance for Berlin as the country’s capital.

For the duration of the Capital Cultural Pact, the Fund has an amount of up to € 9,866 million annually at its disposal.

The Fund is administered by the Senate department responsible for culture of the city-state of Berlin, which is financed by the city-state; administration costs account for approximately 1% of the total budget.

The Capital Cultural Fund finances individual projects and events of special significance for Berlin in its role as the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany, those which have a national and international impact or an especially innovative character. Financing is available for almost every area of cultural activity: architecture, design, exhibitions, visual arts, film series, literature, music, music theatre, performance art, dance, theatre and interdisciplinary projects which promote cultural exchange. The projects must be realized and/or presented in Berlin.

Application deadlines are basically:

April, 15.
Octobre, 1.
for the following year.