Selection criteria

The decisive criterion for selection is excellence in terms of project content and artistic realization.

The projects should be designed for and presented in Berlin. They should be relevant for an audience and/or experts in Berlin and beyond and/or fill existing gaps in Berlin’s cultural offerings.

As a rule, Fund awards may be combined with other grants.

Natural and legal persons in Germany and abroad are eligible to apply for funding; international partnerships are welcomed.

Projects should be carried out by or in cooperation with a Berlin sponsor.

Application deadlines are basically:
April, 15.
Octobre, 1.
for the following year.

The applicationform and all other information have to be in German language.

The following restrictions apply:

  • No institutional or long-term funding will be granted.
  • No financing for continuing or successive projects or events is available. As a rule, institutions and individuals may be granted funding only once every three years.
  • Commercially oriented projects and those carried out as part of the regular operations of Berlin’s cultural institutions and funded from their budgets are not eligible for funding.
  • For reasons of principle, no funding will be granted to projects which take place in political party headquarters or on the premises of foundations with ties to political parties.
  • As a rule, the Fund does not finance acquisitions (for libraries, museums or archives) or restoration of artefacts, books, etc. or buildings.
  • At the time of applying, applicants in the areas of theatre, dance and music should have already had at least one successful application for a publicly funded grant.
  • Projects already receiving federal funding through other institutions are not eligible for Fund awards. The relevant institutions are the German Federal Cultural Foundation (Halle an der Saale), the Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V., the Fonds Soziokultur, the Deutscher Literaturfonds (Darmstadt), the Deutscher Übersetzerfonds (Berlin) and the Kunstfonds e.V. (Bonn).