A joint undertaking of the federal and state governments

The German Federal Government and the State of Berlin agreed in 1999 to establish the Capital Cultural Fund within the purview of the Capital City Funding Agreement (Hauptstadtkulturvertrag). The Capital Cultural Fund provides funding for significant individual cultural and artistic projects and events in the German capital.  

The federal government’s Commissioner for Culture and the Media allocates an annual budget of €15 million to the Capital Cultural Fund. The Office of the Capital Cultural Fund comes under the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion and is primarily financed by the State of Berlin.

The volume of funding

Since 2018 the Capital Cultural Fund has received an annual budget of €15 million.

The organization of the Capital Cultural Fund

The jury, comprising up to six members, meets to discuss the applications. The curator chairs the jury and has voting rights. He or she presents the jury’s—or in some cases his or her own— funding recommendations to the Joint Committee. Together with the Office of the Capital Cultural Fund the curator prepares the decisions for the Joint Committee. The Joint Committee, comprising two representatives of the German Federal Government and two from the State of Berlin, decides how to allocate funds.

Committees and decision-making procedures of the Capital Cultural Fund

The information graphic presents the committees as well as the decision-making procedures and the funding opportunities of the Capital Cultural Fund.


(Note: Article 5, which covers the provisions for the Capital Cultural Fund, can be found on page 4.)