Welcome to the website of the Capital Cultural Fund Berlin!

What is the Capital Cultural Fund?

Germany and Berlin signed a contract in 1999.

It is called the Capital Cultural Funding Agreement.

The Agreement says:
There will be a Capital Cultural Fund. Or HKF for short.

A Fund is money for a specific purpose.
In this case the money is for artists
who organize projects and events in Berlin.
The government gives the HFK 15 million euros each year.

Who can get money?

Artists from different areas can get money.

Areas such as:

  • Theater.
  • Music.
  • Exhibitions.
  • Festival.

A festival is an event that lasts several days.
Usually the event focuses on a specific topic.

For example:

  • Films from all over the world.
  • Theater for young people.
  • Concerts for a certain style of music.

Money is also available when artists from different areas work together.


All projects and events should have a special meaning for Berlin and a special meaning for Germany.
They should make people from other countries
want to come to Berlin,
because they are curious about these projects and events.

There is also money from the Capital Cultural Fund
for projects or events that happen again after a long break.
This is called a presentation of especially successful projects (Wiederaufnahme).

Projects and events from these areas can get money:

  • Music.
  • Film.
  • Visual Arts.

“Visual arts” means artworks done using different materials like:

The artists make figures or objects using these materials.

  • Performing Arts.

This is art that takes place for a certain time.

Examples of performing arts are:

  • Literature.

These are events with authors,
such as when writers read from their books.

  • Media Art.

Media are ways for people to exchange information.
Media are things like:
-The internet.

Media Arts means:

Artworks made using media.
For example:
-The art uses computers.
-The art is made with computers.
-The art is about the internet.


  • ­    Transdisciplinary (pronounced trans–dissi–plin–ary).

This means:
An artwork uses art from different areas.
For exemple:
The internet is used in a theater play.

  • ­    History.

Here we mean the history of a particular time.

Some people have experienced this time themselves.
They can tell us about this time.

There is also money for artists whose work brings together different areas.

How can I get money?

You can apply for money twice in one year on the internet,
if you would like to receive money for a project or event.

You have to make an application.
You have to apply by April or October.
The detailed information is always on this website. 


You always apply to receive money for the following calendar year.

The calendar year is the time from January to December.
You cannot receive the money you apply for in the same year.


How does the Capital Cultural Fund work?

A group decides who will receive money.

This group has four people from politics.
This group is called:
The Joint Committee.

The Joint Committee is advised by:

  • A curator. 

The curator is an important person in the meetings that decides who will get money.
The curator can help with applications.
The curator can also suggest
 who should be in the jury.

  • The Jury.

    A jury is a group of professional people.
    They discuss the applications.

There is also an office.
The office plans the work.

The office prepares and helps with:

  • Applications for money.
  • Meetings of the staff of the Capital Cultural Fund.

Who can help if I have a question?

Do you have a question about the application?

The office of the Capital Cultural Fund can help you.
Here is how you can contact them:

Their address (in German):

Geschäftsstelle des Hauptstadtkulturfonds
c/o Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

Office director:

This person can also help you with your questions:

The curator can also help you with questions

about your application.
But this is an exception.
This is only possible for certain questions.

What information can I find on the website?

Here you can find information about:

  • ­Things for which you can apply for money.
  • ­When you should apply.
  • ­Explanations about the application which you can download.

Here you will find the link to the application.
There is also information about:
The projects and events that have already received money.
What was done with the money.

The website also tells you:

  • ­How we work at the Capital Cultural Fund.
  • ­Which working groups there are.
  • What their tasks are.
  • ­This is how the Joint Committee decided about the applications.


  • These projects and events will receive money

How do I use the website?

There are four areas.
They are called:

  • ­Funding
  • Funded projects
  • About us
  • News

If you click on one of these, you will see different topics.
You can click on these topics
to get more information about them.






In the line at the very bottom you can see all the areas and topics.
If you click on a topic or an area,
you will go directly to its website.
At the very bottom you will also find:

  • Contact information.
  • Data protection information.
  • Information about accessibility for people with disabilities.

Under the topic “funding,” you will find:

  • All information about the application.
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)  about making an application. 

There is a big symbol at the upper right.
It looks like this: 

If you click on this symbol, you have two options.
1. Youn can upload a funded project.

Here you can describe a project or an event
that you received money for.

These projects and events will be presented on the website.

2. You can apply for money

This will take you to the website of the  
Senate Department for Culture and Europe.
This is a government department.
It is part of the government of Berlin.
The department takes care of culture in Berlin.
For exemple:

  • Exhibitions.
  • Theater.

On this website you will find the forms to apply for money.

If you have problems seeing,
use the shift button on the screen
to get a darker picture.
The shift button looks like this: