Tips for submitting an application

To submit an application, you must use the online form on the website of the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion. Tips and downloadable documents can be found on this page. The Office of the Capital Cultural Fund is happy to answer your questions regarding the formal application procedure.

Dates and deadlines

The deadlines for applying for funding for projects to take place the following calendar year are usually April 15 and October 1. Decisions on the selection of projects for funding are usually announced in July or December.

You cannot apply for funding for the current year.

The application

The application should include concrete information regarding the type and scope of the project, when it is to be presented or performed, a financial plan, the applicant’s artistic curriculum vitae, and, where appropriate, documentation of the applicant’s previous work. A formal application cannot be submitted without confirmation from the proposed venue.

A current venue confirmation must be submitted (max. 4 MB, PDF format).
The template provided is mandatory to use.
The venue confirmation must contain specific data including the year. In addition, the number of at least four performances must be guaranteed. If the information is missing in the venue confirmation, the application cannot be formally approved.

The project description must not exceed ten A4 pages, 5MB and should be submitted in PDF format. If the maximum number of pages is exceeded, the application cannot be formally approved. Please limit your information regarding participating artists and previous projects to the most essential details.

It is not possible to submit analog material. You can enter documentary material (Vimeo links, passwords, etc.)  in the application form.

The application must be submitted in German, otherwise the application cannot be formally approved.

To compile your financial plan, the venue confirmation and elaborate your project please fill in the templates that are available for download below.

Additional tips:

  • At least four performances/events are to be realized in Berlin. This does not apply to exhibitions, festivals or similar formats.The number of performances must also be guaranteed by the venue in the venue confirmation, which must be attached.
  • Applicants, especially from the fields of theatre, dance and music, should have already received public funding at the time of application.
  • Students are not eligible for funding. They may, however, be enrolled in university at the time of their application. Should these applicants receive funding, they must provide written proof of their status as a not enrolled.
  • Applicants in the areas of theater, dance, and music must hold the rights to any relevant material and be able to provide proof.

Attention please!

The formal requirements for the application documents must be observed. This enables the jury to carry out an equal opportunity procedure for evaluating the applications! If the facilities do not comply with the stated conditions, the application will not be admitted to the jury process and will be formally rejected.

The online application

The form will be made available approximately six weeks before the relevant deadline. As the server is usually overloaded in the run-up to the deadline, we recommend that you plan sufficient time for the application process and have all documents ready ahead of time.

Please note that the form closes automatically at 6 pm and ongoing uploads will be terminated!

Attachment checklist:

Please note the information. If the formal requirements are not met, the application cannot be formally approved!

  • Detailed project description (max. 10 pages, max. 5MB, PDF)
  • Detailed financial plan (please use the mandatory template, don't change the format and layout!)
  • A selection of previous projects (max. 2) and participation in other projects (max. 4MB, PDF)
  • Artistic curriculum vitae (max. 4MB, PDF)
  • Confirmation from the venue and proof of accessibility for persons with disabilities (please use the template).
  • Project elaboration (please use the template, max. 2 pages, max. 4MB, PDF)

Next Deadline

Next application deadline is expected to be October 1st, 2024.
The application center will be activated approx. 4 weeks in advance.

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