Project presentation

Your project presentation on the website results from the material uploaded here. After the upload, the materials are first checked, so that the announcement may only be visible after a few days.

Project information

Please fill this form with the official information from the "Zuwendungsbescheid" or notification of funding.

Project upload

Your visible announcement is generated from these fields. In order to ensure the greatest possible accessibility, we use the gender:colon on our website, because only this can be read by screen readers without any problems. Therefore, please adapt your texts accordingly (e.g. artists).

Upload pictures

The uploaded images are automatically colored on the website. If you move the mouse to an image, it will be displayed in its original color.

Image 01 (title image)

It is best to use a landscape format for the cover photo, otherwise the lower edge of the image will be cut off. The most important image content should not be on the left, as this is where the text box is placed. Additional images can be uploaded in portrait format without hesitation, as they are displayed in the image gallery in their original ratio.

Zu beachten:
  • Das Titelbild muss eine Mindestbreite von 1400px x 1080px haben, um eine gute Qualität sicherzustellen.
  • Die anderen Bilder sollten ebenfalls möglichst eine Auflösung von ca. 1000px haben.

Venue and dates

Please enter all venues in Berlin here, as these will be included in a map. Locations outside of Berlin can be named at the end of the upload form under "Other locations".


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