Promoting a dynamic cultural scene

The Capital Cultural Fund sponsors cultural projects and events— including inter- and transdisciplinary projects—in practically all areas of the arts. Funded projects should be of significance to Berlin as the German capital and also of national and international relevance.
In addition to funding individual projects, the Capital Cultural Fund also funds the presentation of especially successful projects (Wiederaufnahme) as well as selected festivals of cultural and political relevance. 

Allocation of funding from the Capital Cultural Fund

The Capital Cultural Fund receives an annual budget of €15 million.

Project Funding

The Capital Cultural Fund is designed primarily to fund individual cultural projects. Projects are selected twice annually for the following year. Institutional funding is not possible.

The main criteria in selecting projects for funding are artistic quality and high-value content.

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Submit an application

To apply for funding please use the online form on the website of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

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Additional funding opportunities

In addition to the funding provided for individual projects, support is also available to promote the presentation of especially successful projects (Wiederaufnahme) previously sponsored by the Capital Cultural Fund. The Capital Cultural Fund offers long-term funding for selected festivals of cultural and political relevance. Other funding opportunities are available for especially relevant exhibitions.

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Legal Basis

(Note: Article 5, which covers the provisions for the Capital Cultural Fund, can be found on page 4.)

Current projects

Performing arts
Erdbeerwochen | © Amina Gusner
Amina Gusner


Ich fühl mich immer im Stress, weiß nicht, obs vom Frausein kommt.

From 21.05.2021 - Theater unterm Dach

Contemporary history
Auf der linken Seite des Bildes steht der Schriftzug Bone Music, auf der rechten Seite ist eine Röntgenplatte zu sehen. | © X-Ray Audio Project
Buero Doering - Fachhandel für Ereignisse GmbH


Bone Music erzählt die außergewöhnliche Geschichte sowjetischer Bootleg-Pressungen auf alten Röntgenplatten aus Krankenhäusern.

From 14.08.2021 - Villa Heike

Performing arts
8 TänzerInnen und 8 MusikerInnen | © Monika Rittershaus
Tanzcompagnie Rubato

Die Zeit ist immer jetzt (Arbeitstitel)

Was ist die Zeit? Wenn mich niemand danach fragt, weiß ich es, wenn ich es aber einem, der mich fragt, erklären sollte, weiß ich es nicht.

From 07.10.2021 - Uferstudios für zeitgenössischen Tanz, Berlin, Studio 14