MoneyLab Berlin: Disaster Capitalism


Trust Institute of Network Cultures

MoneyLab Berlin: Disaster Capitalism


Mehringplatz 9, 10696 Berlin
Fr. 26.03. - So. 28.03.2021

About MoneyLab Berlin

Übergreifend Festival

MoneyLab Berlin presents approaches towards sustainable finance, inclusive tech, community-based currencies & progressive monetary systems.

This first edition of MoneyLab Berlin is inspired by Naomi Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism from 2007. Klein’s work centers on the exploitation of different crises to establish controversial policies while citizens are too emotionally and physically distracted to engage and develop an adequate response. When everyone is consumed by crises, there is no energy left for resistance. Facets of crisis capitalism We have been living in crisis mode for years, from the financial and climate crises to the worldwide health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and there is no foreseeable end to this ‘crisis’ narrative in the near future. Quite the contrary – each new state of emergency unlocks a new level in the ongoing chain reaction of effects and policies. There seems to be no way out of experiencing multiple crises at once; we are caught in a constant state of flight.

What to expect MoneyLab Berlin will present a wide range of livestream talks, particpatory online formats and workshops. Select workshops will be livestreamed, some of them offering the opportunity for remote participation. There will be a lineup of discussions and talks throughout the whole weekend of March 26-28, streamed live from our studios at SUPERMARKT and TRUST.

MoneyLab Berlin is divided into 4 thematic blocks: Rebuilding our Economy – Rebuilding our Imagination (Fr, March 26 4pm-late) Monetary Experiments (Sat, March 27 from 10.30am – 2pm) Economies for Arts & Culture (Sat, March 27 from 2pm – late) Organising for Resistance (Sunday, March 28, from 11am-5pm)

The detailed schedule for March 26-28 can be found here. Registration for MoneyLab Berlin is open! For active participation please sign up here.

Organized by SUPERMARKT Berlin.

Weitere Projekte

© Jan Grygoriew

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bi'bak untersucht Kino als Diskursraum, als Ort des Austauschs und der Solidarität

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Darstellende Kunst
Auf dem Foto ist Margaret Dragu im Jahre 1983 in der Umkleidekabine zu sehen. Sie blickt direkt in die Kamera. In der rechten Hand hält sie ein Glas Wein, in der linken Hand eine angezündete Zigarette. | © Colin Campbell
Britta Wirthmüller

"Try Leather"

In Try Leather untersuchen die Performer:innen das Begehren auf der Theaterbühne und die Lust zu sehen und gesehen zu werden.

Ab 22.06.2021 - Tanzfabrik Berlin

Darstellende Kunst
Riah Knight und Claude Breton-Potvin liegen im Nebel auf dem Boden, hinter ihnen ein Ringlicht, das uns direkt anstrahlt. | © Sebastian Pircher
Katharina Stoll


Ist Squirten Pinkeln?Ist toxische Männlichkeit ansteckend?Ist Sexarbeit Kunst?Und wenn ja, wann kapiert das auch die Künstlersozialkasse?

Ab 24.06.2021 - TD Berlin