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, Berlin
Fr. 18.09. - Sa. 19.09.2020

Übergreifend Symposium/Vortrag/Workshop

The first ever, fully digital Pictoplasma in Isolation awaits character pioneers and creatives for a celebration of character design & art.

This September 18+19, the first ever digital Pictoplasma in Isolation is set to take place as a free 2-day livestream broadcast. The event features more than 40 artist talks by and conversations with illustrators, animation filmmakers, visual artists, and designers, as well as performance artists, activists and academics. SPECIAL FOCUS: THE MASK IN VISUAL CULTURE This year’s edition of the festival puts a thematic emphasis on the mask and expands on Pictoplasma’s ongoing research into how characters relate to, invade, take over and warp the human body, reexamining one of our most ancient cultural artifacts in a new light. Among the artists featured are Damselfrau and threadstories, two of the most prolific artists currently working with masks. Two digital artists will reflect on how face filters function as a way to change our identities online: David OReilly and Ines alpha. ANIMATION SCREENINGS 77 hand-picked animation jewels are streamed to your home entertainment system in four carefully curated programs. The official selection includes Anna Mantzaris, Kirsten Lepore, Meat Department, and Cole Kush. PANELS AND WORKSHOPS A second channel features panel discussions exploring the current stage of animation film and illustration, and workshops that allow viewers to join forces with international artists and get hands on with different media.

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